The internet-based Whistleblowing System at is an independent communication channel to the Ombudslawyers of Rechtsanwälte Elke Schaefer. The Whistleblower System does not replace the existing Rechtsanwälte Elke Schaefer Ombuds Office, but rather complements this offer. Our solution combines the advantage of being able to submit an anonymous report via this System at any time with the benefits of involving our Ombudslawyers. More information

  • Access only for the responsible Ombudslawyer
  • Maximum of Data Privacy and
  • Safe reporting of with 100%
  • Possibility to engage in personal dialogue

Your anonymity is guaranteed by the professional and contractual status of the Ombudslawyer and the use of special encryption and security technologies. This reporting portal gives you the opportunity to submit reports of misconduct in a virtual mailbox. Your IP address will not be saved and the reported facts will be encrypted in such a way that no conclusions can be drawn about your person. Only the appointed Ombudslawyer can access your report. The Ombudslawyer has the right to refuse to testify to investigating authorities and, on the basis of separate contractual regulations, guarantees that he will not disclose your identity or the reported facts to the mandating company. This application is another way of contacting the Ombudslawyer, which allows you to communicate with the Ombudslawyer without losing your anonymity. At no point in the reporting process will you be required to provide personal data.
Our clients have decided to provide their employees and business partners with an independent and sworn to secrecy contact person for the purpose of receiving information about violations and criminal acts in connection with their business activities. For this purpose, attorney Dr. Kathrin J. Niewiarra has been appointed as Ombudslawyer (Ombuds Office). The Ombuds Office's main task is to receive reports of white-collar crime, to make an initial assessment and to provide support in clarification and prevention. For complaints of any other kind, the relevant contact persons in the company are available. More information is available here.
  • SSL-encrypted transmission of all formula data
  • Your report is stored securely using a hybrid encryption algorithm. Only you and the Ombudslawyer can access the information.
  • Protection from attack by a hardware firewall from Sophos
  • Ongoing maintenance and security updates ensure maximum protection of your anonymity
  • is hosted in a German data center and is therefore subject to German data protection regulations